We provide specialized, comprehensive and professional counseling to students who look forward to go abroad in order to pursue their academic goals and career objectives. With our core team of devoted and veteran counselors we are committed to help students by presenting them with viable options regarding courses/programs, colleges and universities and also enabling them with the know-how to make it all possible. We provide in-depth information on various matters concerning abroad studies and enlighten them with easy-to-grasp step by step guidance for the entire process from start to finish. We also help students to prepare intensely for various eligibility tests like IELTS/TOEFL/SAT/GRE/GMAT and also assist in the registration process with the concerned authorities if needed.

College/University Selection and Admission

It is our job and more than that an ethical commitment to ensure that we provide students with the right choice of college or university as well as right academic program that suits them best considering their academic backgrounds, qualification, interest, financial capacity, social requirement, passion and career goals. Once we are through this phase we then move ahead and assist students in processing application for admission to their desired college or university with the academic programs of their choice. And in accordance with the admission and scholarship requirements of different colleges and universities we help them prepare for the task ahead within the specified deadlines.

Documentation and VISA Application

Once a student’s application for admission is accepted by a college or university the student has to obtain a student visa from the embassy of the respective country. The student has to submit different documents and fulfill various requirements stated by the embassy in accordance to the visa requirement of that specific country. After going through this formality visa is granted after a face round with the visa consular and if she/he is satisfied. This is where our counselors come handy. They guide students’ right from appropriate document preparation to correct visa processing in the embassy to the ultimate visa interview round.

Scholarships Assistance

All colleges and universities provide various scholarships that students can apply for. We help students understand the conditions applied to qualify for such scholarships and assist them to apply and attain these based on their qualifications and academic merits.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Once a student is successful in securing a student visa our counselor go ahead and conduct the pre-departure briefing program which briefs the students with various aspects of the country they are heading to and the college or university involved. This gives the students an overall picture of the college/university, their history norms and regulations, their expectations, the various cultures of the concerned country, the basics of living abroad as an international students etc. Apart from this we also help students in organizing travel arrangement, airport pick up & managing accommodations.