Why study in USA?

Popularly known as the land of infinite opportunities and possibilities USA is undisputedly the most advanced and developed country in the world. Cultural diversity is what defines the beauty and strength of the country and that is why it is also known as the melting pot of the world. Every year more than 700,000 students from all over the world travel to US for higher education studies which make it the most popular international student destination in the world and also the 1st in having the highest number of international student. US is home to some of the best and most reputed Universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, University of California etc, to name a few.

There are more than 4200 public and private colleges, universities and community colleges in the US. Out of these over 600 public colleges and universities and over 1650 private colleges and universities provide four year courses. Apart from these there are more than 6,250 other non-collegiate post-secondary institutions that offer specialized vocational and technical trainings in various areas. All these institutions combined together provide the largest gamut of courses and programs that caters to the educational needs and expectation of every potential student.

US is undoubtedly the best choice to pursue higher education because of its high quality education, largest choice of courses, maximum flexibility, technological advancement, best international student support service, efficient financial assistance, excellent job opportunities, multicultural exposure, global recognition of degrees and totally rewarding careers.


Admission requirements vary depending on undergraduate or graduate programs and educational institution.

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree

Minimum eligibility to apply for undergraduate programs:

  • 10 +2 with good academic scores
  • 61 points in TOEFL, iBT or 5.5 points in IELTS is the minimum requirement for English language proficiency test
  • Good SAT test score for undergraduate admission (optional)

Graduate/Master’s degree

Minimum eligibility to apply for graduate programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree with good academic scores
  • 79 points in TOEFL, iBT or 6.0 points in IELTS is the minimum requirement for English language proficiency test
  • Good GRE/GMAT test score for graduate admission (optional)

Admission Sessions/Intakes

The US has different times for admission as listed below:

  • Spring: January/February
  • Fall: August/September
  • Summer: April/May
  • Winter: December

Main intake is the fall intake and midyear intake is the spring and few universities are open for summer and winter intake. All programs are offered in the fall intake and only some in winter and Summer intakes.