Japanese Language is a national language of Japan spoken by about 126 million speakers located primarily in Japan, which is the third largest economy in the world. It is also spoken in various countries across the world. Japan is a significant contributor in the world prosperity-both as an import and export market and as an investor. Japan also provides a wealth of opportunities, in the fields of business, tourism, education and science and technology. Looking to the future, Japan remains one of the most hi-tech countries in the World and significantly Japanese is the fourth most used language on the Internet which keeps it on of the best languages to learn.

Japanese language is written in a mixture of Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. Kanji are the characters of Chinese origin used to represent both Chinese loanwords into Japanese and number of native Japanese morphemes. Over time Chinese character (Kanji) were supplemented by two other types of syllabic scripts, Hiragana and Katakana. Hiragana are used for words without Kanji representation, for words no longer written in Kanji, and also following Kanji to show conjugational ending. Whereas, Katakana are primarily used to write foreign words, names of plant and animal and for emphasis.

We have designed the Japanese language course on the basis of requirement of students and educational institutes of Japan. There are different modules of course available and students can choose the module as per their need. We have highly trained and proficient teachers and staff who are always eager and keen to provide guidance and support students inside as well as outside the class. Our language teaching methods include class lecture, group discussion, one-to-one conversation, group work, role play, visits, audio- video aids and presentations.

Regular Classes

S.No. Course Duration Teaching hours Fee Remarks
1 Basic Level 1 year (4 semesters) 90 min/day 4500/- per semester able to participate for JLPT N5 & N4 level
2 Intermediate Level 3 months(1 semester) 90 min/day 5500/- per semester able to participate for JLPT N3 level
3 Advance Level 9 months(3 semesters) 90 min/day 6500/- per semester able to participate for JLPT N2 level

Private Class

Duration                   : As per student demand
Teaching hours      : 60 min/day
Time                            : Leisure period of teacher
Fee                               : 5000/- per month

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